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Damon Townsend For Secretary Of State 2024

I am dedicated to representing all voters in Washington State.

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I am dedicated to promoting equity, accessibility, and transparency in our electoral process. I vow to provide the voters of the State of Washington with the most accurate, efficient, transparent, and secure election systems in the nation. I will continue to improve the access and preservation of public records and archives. Provide businesses and charities with a user-friendly system of registration. Constantly look for improvements to all levels of service in the office at the lowest financial burden to the public using best practices and cutting-edge technology.

Equity, Accessibility,Transparency, Security

Get Involved!

Running as an independent is very hard. The parties have large infrastructures in place, as well
as embedded marketing and free advertising. Our laws also benefit them, unlike any other 
private organizations. I will not have the backing of any party, so word of mouth, sharing information, placing signs, local doorbelling and canvassing operations will be a challenge. Campaigns are also expensive. This is a Presidential election year, and it is easy to get lost in
the loud and brash campaigns for our chief executive. Any financial help will go a long way. I know how to make a dollar go further than most, and will be using digital messaging, text messages, video blogs, and all the lower cost messaging streams available, but the truth is that the old and tried methods are still often most effective. Direct mail and traditional media are
expensive, so any contributions will help. Please consider a financial donation, even a small amount of $20.24 will go a long way in getting the message out. If you cannot donate, share my information with a friend or family member, co-worker, church group, private organization, or group you can.

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