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Get to Know Damon

"I envision a future where every voice is heard, and every vote counts. Join me in shaping a better future for our state."

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"I am dedicated to promoting equity, accessibility, and transparency in our electoral process.

Join me in my mission to empower every citizen and strengthen our democracy."

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My Education and Career 

I was born in Puyallup, and spent most my early life in and around Pierce County. I used our state’s forward thinking Running Start program when it was new to attend both Bethel High School and Pierce College at the same time. I worked towards a teaching degree at Western Washington University (History and Political Science), but life intervened in my senior year and dropped out, one quarter shy of my degree. I started working in the telecommunications industry at the start of the information age, becoming a data systems tech when high speed home internet was new. I was injured in an accident and needed to move towards a less physically demanding profession. I used my company’s tuition reimbursement program to transfer my credits from WWU to City University, changed my degree path to Accounting and Business Administration, and received my Bachelor of Science. I was promoted to management and moved to Ephrata where I was the operations manger for Central Washington. There I started my MBA program, but my family wanted to get back to the West side where most our friends and family were. I was awarded a position at Pierce County in elections, and quickly promoted to elections supervisor. I finished my MBA project by developing a better system of processing mail in ballots. I left Pierce County to work as a consultant and free-lance elections specialist, because I wanted to run for Auditor later. This gave me the opportunity to work with other counties, the Secretary of State’s office, election systems vendors, other state offices and counties, PACs and candidates. I ran for Pierce County Auditor and was attacked on both sides by partisan forces. Because I strongly believe in the need for an independent, nonpartisan chief election official, I filed for Secretary of State when I saw the current list was made of partisan politicians, and no one that had actually run an election before.

Washington is Home

I have been a lifelong proud Washingtonian. I love my state in a way that few do. Friends from
Texas say I represent Washington better than a Texan represents Texas, and that is a hard thing
to do. We have the most amazing state in the country, we have more ecosystems than many
countries, from rainforests in the Olympics, deserts in the middle, mountains, oceans, the Salish
sea, huge river systems, and badlands scoured by record floods. We share an international
border, and even have a portion of our state that is only land accessible by traveling through
another country! I have never felt the need to travel out of our state, because we have it all right  here.

My Family

My wonderful wife Dawn and I have been happily married since 2000. This makes calculating our anniversary very easy. Fate must have brought us together, because we met as young children at Wapato Lake in Tacoma, but didn’t realize it until long after we were married. As a child I remember helping another child out of the lake that had cut her foot on a broken piece of glass under the water. Later I noticed a large scar on my wife’s foot, turns out she was that girl, and remembered the little boy that helped her. Later we met when camping and floating down the Yakima River. She and I had mutual friends because her family was from Eatonville, and I was working there at the time. We connected immediately, and were married six months later. She brought to the marriage my wonderful son from her first marriage, and we soon welcomed two daughters. We moved to the Gig Harbor area in 2004 where we became a part of the great Peninsula community. Our children played in sports, scouts, and we served our community as volunteers and coaches. In 2012 I was offered the manager position in Central Washington, so we moved to Ephrata where my son graduated high school, and my girls again became part of the sports and scouting communities. There my son joined the US Airforce after high school where he is still serving today (thankfully at Fairchild in Spokane so he is close to home). We moved back to the Gig Harbor area when I took the position at Pierce County where we still live. My daughters finished high school here, and both work in the local community.

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